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Marcelo Araújo

Marcelo Araújo

Founder and manager


Marcelo Araújo – Founder and manager

Marcelo is the ambitious and positive-thinking founder and manager of Global Workers, Lda. – International Recruitment Specialists. He possesses a University degree in Sociology (Porto University), Master´s degree in HRM (Minho University) and has almost completed his Phd in Sociology of Education (Minho University). He is citizen of both Portugal and Canada and is fully fluent in English and Portuguese.

He has performed many different activities during a career spanning longer than 25 years. He worked for almost 20 years as a Vocational Guidance Counsellor with the Public Institute of Employment and Vocational Training before embarking on a new adventure in private sector recruitment and selection – activities he is quite familiar with and which enabled him to establish an extensive network of connections. He worked almost three years in a managerial role at a hypermarket belonging to the biggest private corporation in Portugal – SONAE. He also has thousands of hours of experience as a trainer/instructor and taught at all levels of education on a full time and part-time basis. A researcher at the Education Institute of Minho University, he has produced a number of research papers and acted as a speaker on several occasions. He established and was manager of a Portuguese manpower agency specialized in responding to the needs of Portuguese agriculture businesses.

Father of three, he constantly strives to balance career and family – a challenging balancing act. Marcelo enjoys exercising regularly, reading, researching, traveling and spending as much quality time as possible with family and friends.

Romy King

Romy King

Founder and manager


Ramneet Singh – Founder and manager

Romy is an experienced player in the business of international recruitment. He possesses an Indian/european background and a Master´s degree obtained in the University of Arizona in Phoenix, USA which help him succeed in the activity he pursues with a unique passion.

Romy belongs to a family with a long tradition in the world of international recruitment that taught him to put principles above all. He is a highly motivated, ethical and reliable professional who boasts a solid understanding of immigration and international laws and frameworks in countries in which he established business. He masters the intricacies and understands the mechanics of the work permit and visa applications processes and knows how to get things done.

Romy has worked in Singapore, USA and Portugal and has over eight years of experience in the field, but his family has been involved in international recruitment for almost two decades. In Singapore, he worked as a recruitment agent and as a highway traffic control marshal.

Romy also provides assistance to those considering making foreign investment decisions – big or small – and with gold visa applications. A devout Sikh and father of two young children he strives to conciliate obedience to his faith and family commitments with his ever-growing work-related demands.

Due to inflexible and over-demanding labour law legislation in Portugal and many other prosperous nations it is our policy to outsource all tasks and roles – administrative, personnel, accounting and even marketing and sales representation. This provides us with the choice and flexibility required in this business.