Our approach

A proverb that sends out a particularly powerful and pertinent message tells us that – “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”; another proverb warns that “The devil is in the detail” and, still another advises us to “never throw caution to the wind”.

The proverbs mentioned above reflect the combined wisdom of many generations and explain why our approach to business is solidly structured upon a multi-contractual framework.

There is no denying it: international recruitment and placement mediation activities are exceptionally high-risk, extremely unpredictable and carry with them an enormous degree of responsibility – Global Workers is all too aware that as a result of our mediation services, foreign workers will fly very long distances, to faraway and alien lands, where they will encounter a different language, culture and lifestyles, while leaving behind their families, jobs and livelihoods.

Global Workers only provides mediation services when the following set of meticulously crafted and detailed agreements and contracts have been signed by the respective parties.

Contract 1

International recruitment and placement mediation service agreement.

Signatory parties: Global Workers Lda. and employer in need of workers


Contract 2

Conditional fixed-term employment contract template (to submit as part of the work visa application package)

Signatory parties: Destination country prospective employer and overseas worker/visa applicant


Contract 3

Recruitment Partnership Service Agreement

Signatory parties: Global Workers and licensed overseas recruitment agent(s) or agency(ies) (partner/s)


Contract 4

Overseas Recruitment and Placement Service Agreement (an annex referred to as “Information Regarding Employment Contract, Labour Law Rules and Regulation and Destination Country Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations That Enforce Rules And Offer Guidance And Protection” is an integral part of this agreement and must be provided to the foreign worker/visa applicant).

Signatory parties: licensed overseas recruitment agents or agencies and candidates/visa applicants

When parties mean what they say and say what they mean they will not object to signing a formal agreement – they will be eager to do so. Putting in writing the terms and conditions provides added assurance and awareness to both parties of their rights and responsibilities; obligations and commitments and a clear understanding that they may be held accountable for any breach of the agreement.

Global Workers won´t have it any other way – far too much is on the line and risk management and reduction is a major concern.