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The internet is awash with hogwash about how international recruitment or manpower businesses or agencies go about doing their business. Nowhere can the be plain truth be found about how things REALLY work or operate.

The deceptive and glamorous websites of virtually all businesses of this nature located or directly linked to the Middle East or Asia subsidiaries function as smokescreens and paint a very misleading and incomplete picture of how deals are done behind the curtains in the mammoth industry of international recruitment, placement or sourcing.

Some (actually, the large majority) of these businesses or people who collaborate or play an active role in finding jobs and securing placement in EU countries, Canada, Australia, USA, New Zealand, etc. for low-skilled or unskilled workers from third countries prefer to work quietly and secretly in the shadows, behind the scenes, avidly avoiding any exposure to public scrutiny. This way, the “dirty” work goes undetected.

They team up with employers from a restrict number of sectors of economic activity that systematically face acute labour shortages, officially acknowledged by governmental agencies, to create an opportunity to bring in low-skilled and unskilled workers from Asian countries desperately looking for any backdoor opportunity to escape from poverty and get into more economically developed nations.

If the visa application meets with approval, everyone gets a piece of the huge pie (fees paid by the worker) – including the employer in the destination country himself. This is a classic textbook case of the shadow economy, the black market, the non-observed economy or the underground economy – call it what you like. Massive amounts of money move from hand to hand and not one penny is declared – the pinnacle of tax evasion and fraud. In Portugal and Canada (realities we know all to well) these schemes are commonplace.

One point should be made loud and clear – no low-skilled or unskilled worker from Asia gets a free ride to a EU Schengen zone country, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and the like. All those who aspire to obtain a work visa must inevitably pay “professional” or “service” fees which may vary significantly from country to country and even from agency to agency within the same country – depending on the reputation and the privileged links to people in power the agency boasts. The levels of corruption and bribery in the majority of Asian countries make the most corrupt countries in Europe look like squeaky clean choir boys by comparison.

our goal is to provide service that exceeds expectations – to promote happiness and to contribute to a better world

The question we at Global Workers ask ourselves is, why do these manpower or recruitment agencies in the Middle East and Asia, together with their tightly connected partner or sister agencies in EU countries, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc., who are perfectly aware and active participants in this arrangement, go to such great lengths to keep this reality off the radar?

If manpower or recruitment agencies publicize genuine job orders, with real employers, where there is a real need for manpower, willing to pay legal wages, provide legitimate employment contracts, honour their commitments and abide by national and international law and, if the workers are told the whole truth about what to expect when they reach the destination country and genuinely interested in the job opportunities abroad, why try to cover up the truth about the professional fees charged to workers? Is it because the fees are simply outrageous and may be considered quasi-extorsion, exploitation or abuse of dominant position? Is it because it´s a scam?! What are these artists trying to hide?

According to our team of legal experts, the EU authorities we have communicated with and to the best of our extensive knowledge and experience in this field, as well as plain common sense, charging professional fees for providing immigration services, for the extensive work and costs involved in the visa application process, the medical checkups, insurance plans, form-filling, preparing resumés, general orientation, interview preparation, preparing travel itineraries and, following departure, airport pick-up in the destination country, transportation, securing accommodation, permanent accompaniment and support, assistance in opening bank account, help in filing for a taxpayer account number, obtaining Social Security number, National Health card, Residence permit and so much more is absolutely legal and should not come as a surprise to anyone.

we are in the business of making friends – friends for life!

This is to say nothing of the high level or risk and responsibility these forms of mediation services entail. International recruitment and placement business is ALL about people. And, unlike machines, instruments or any other objects, people think and double-think, examine and re-examine, equate and re-equate, change their minds, often cheat and lie and fail on their pledges and commitments.

Reality can become extraordinarily messy and complicated and, of course, problems and conflicts arise quite naturally – even more so, when people with distinct cultures meet, interact and overlap. And, when the situation reaches this point and conflict sets in (which occurs quite often), who do they call upon and expect to provide or mediate a solution? You guessed it – the international recruitment and placement mediation agency who brought the parties together in the first place. As is often said “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” and Global Workers will never walk away from it´s responsibilities – moral or professional. If no reasonable alternative is available and the foreign worker expresses the desire, he is repatriated and Global Workers foots the bill.

The time, accompaniment, support, effort, cost, investment, know-how, risk, and painstaking problem-solving comes with a price. Nobody is obliged to work for free – Global Workers is no exception.

Placement fees or any fees related to securing or finding a job for domestic and/or foreign workers are prohibited in Canada, Australia, USA and a large number of EU countries as well (it is permissible, however, in a number of Middle East and Asian countries – within certain parameters).

But, the professional or service fees that Global Workers charges licensed foreign manpower agencies we team up with to get the job done* are not even remotely related to finding or securing a job or employment – they go over and beyond job placement and are distinctively different in nature and scope.

* Under no circumstances does Global Workers take part in the recruitment and selection of overseas workers – it is outside the jurisdiction in which we operate, nor do we establish any contact whatsoever with the job candidate and potential visa applicant before their arrival in the destination country – it is at this point that we spring into action. We do business with licensed overseas agencies, NOT with the candidates and never request or accept one penny from foreign workers before or following arrival in the destination country.

Code of Conduct

Global Workers observes a high standard of ethics, probity and professional conduct.