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Global Workers mediates the international recruitment and overseas placement of low-skilled or unskilled foreign workers from the Middle East and Asia on behalf and in representation of employers in Portugal, Spain, any other EU country and Canada faced with real labour shortages and who operate in the farming, forestry and manufacturing, fishing, mining and other heavy industries.

agriculture and forestry




heavy industry

Currently, we can provide workers of several nationalities, namely, Indian, Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese.

our goal is to provide service that exceeds expectations – to promote happiness and to contribute to a better world
The option of extending our mediating services to other countries where employers face labour shortages depends the prevailing legislation in that country as well as on the availability of trustworthy, honest and reliable partners and also on the level of interest and cooperation of the employers themselves.
Stage 1

Following pre-assessment the employer assigns Global Workers a job order for any number of overseas workers and signs and international recruitment and placement mediation service agreement in which the terms and conditions are clearly and completely spelled out in detail. The employer is expected to meet the conditions and provide all the documents required (more information here – link to employers page)

Stage 2
In most EU countries and other developed nations (if not all), the employer or his official representative is required to make an effort to recruit workers from the domestic market and provide evidence that such efforts were made before being allowed to proceed with any international recruitment campaign. Global Workers will act on behalf of the employer, but, only after this step has been completed is it possible to move on to the next stage. From our experience, it may be possible to fill some positions with domestic workers, but the large majority of positions will go unfilled. There are a number of occupations that the large majority of citizens or residents of wealthier nations will not consider, no matter how much money they are offered. Nonetheless, it´s unquestionable that priority must be given to those residing in the country before proceeding with recruitment from abroad.
Stage 3
Authorization is sought for work permits or equivalent documents (each country has it´s own system) to be issued by the government agency in charge of such matters. Without clearance from the authorities it is not possible to carry on with international recruitment project.
Stage 4
Only following government clearance does Global Workers engage with the licensed recruitment or manpower agency or agencies established in the countries where the low-skilled or unskilled workers with the nationality or nationalities the employer has previously indicated can be found. Global Workers and it´s partners work together in close cooperation to ascertain that the complex, bureaucracy-ridden and painstaking process of recruiting the workers and obtaining work visas for those selected to be placed with the overseas employer meets with success.
Stage 5
When the employer gives the green light, the foreign workers issued visas begin to depart to the destination country in an organized and orderly fashion – according to the employer´s needs and requirements. Global Workers will take charge of all settlement-related issues: timely airport pickup, transportation to accommodation, take workers shopping for basic necessities such as food, cellphone and communication subscriptions, assist with opening up bank accounts, assist in obtaining any and all documents, filling out forms and any other required paperwork and much more.
Stage 6

Global Workers provides continuous oversight and follow-up. We pay regular visits and maintain close communication with the employer and the foreign workers for the duration of the employment contract and provide any support, assistance and information required. We also to intervene if misunderstandings, tension or conflict arise – timely intervention can defuse misunderstandings before they flare up in to something potentially far more serious. We are always available to provide guidance and support to employers and foreign workers – long after the agreement has expired.


Recrutar trabalhadores estrangeiros de países terceiros (países fora da UE como, por exemplo, Tailândia, Vietname, Filipinas, Índia, Nepal ou Bangladesh) é uma prática perfeitamente legal e uma excelente solução para as necessidades de recursos humanos – uma solução ao dispor de qualquer empregador em Portugal