why partner with us?

International manpower or recruitment agencies are a dime a dozen on the Internet, so why should your business choose to partner with us or even consider the possibility of doing so?

With all modesty, we believe there are many reasons to partner with us. If you take the opportunity to browse our website you will likely reach the conclusion that we take a revolutionary, ground-breaking, radically innovative approach to the business of mediating the recruitment and placement of low-skilled and unskilled workers in the more developed and prosperous nations of the globe.

We are in the business of making friends – we want employers we deal with and the workers we recruit to become friends for life and, of course, recommend us to their friends as well.

We work by the book – no fraud, dirty tricks, low blows, fake signatures, tax evasion schemes, under the table payments or any remotely similar practices.

We do not hide from, avoid or try to work around governmental agencies or authorities that play a role in foreign worker recruitment or immigration issues – we also consider them partners.

We provide effective, efficient and professional international recruitment and placement mediation services – we can find any number of hardworking and disciplined foreign workers businesses need.

Reputation matters – we want to remain in this business for a long time and are all too aware that a bad reputation will seriously jeopardize this ambition.

we provide  financial incentives to employers

Our main goal is that any international recruitment and placement campaign we mediate becomes a resounding success.

We are well aware, from a number of previous experiences, that there is no chance for success if the employer in the destination country is not as deeply committed as Global Workers is to making things work according to plan.

Global Workers has invested heavily in agriculture in recent years. We have been the, de facto, driving force behind the creation and played a key role in the management of several fruit and vegetable farms in Portugal from birth. We understand the harsh realities faced by farmers – particularly, the difficulties in making ends meet and managing the cash flow.

The arrival of workers from abroad demands a good deal of pre and post-arrival investment well before the carefully selected low-skilled and unskilled workers begin to provide a return on this significant investment.

Global Workers provides financial incentives to employers to offset the considerable costs and inconvenience that result from recruiting workers from abroad and, more importantly, ensure the foreign workers are provided with the conditions and services they were promised before they departed to a faraway land.

Employer pays Global WorkersGlobal Workers refunds Employer expenses
80€ + VAT/per foreign worker1000€ + VAT/per foreign worker *
Terms and Conditions:

- 50% of this amount payable 3 months following arrival of foreign workers.
- Remaining 50% payable 6 months following arrival of foreign workers.
- No payment required if foreign worker is not up to standard or does not complete at least 3 months of employment contract (unless this occurs due to proven breach of contract or misconduct on the part of the employer).
- Free replacement within the first 60 (sixty) days of any worker that abandons the job or is not up to standard.

Terms and Conditions:

- First payment only processed 30 days following the arrival of foreign worker and on the condition that the employer honours all legal and contractual commitments and obligations.
- Payments made any number of times until limit per worker is attained.
- Payments made until thirty days after employment contract termination date – it is irrelevant if the foreign workers completed the contract (as long as this did not happen as a result of a proven breach of contract or misconduct on the part of the employer).
-No payments processed if an invoice is not issued by the employer.
-All payments made by bank transfer from Global Workers corporate bank account to employer corporate bank account

The following expenses are eligible under our financial incentive plan:

- Purchase, rent, repair and maintenance of container homes and supporting units.
- Renovation, recuperation and maintenance of conventional housing units.
- House or vehicle rent or leasing payments.
- Purchase, rent or leasing of beds, mattresses, pillows, appliances, vehicles, blankets, bedsheets, towels, cutlery, pots and pans and all kitchenware related items.
- Vocational, practical, on the job or language training or socio-economic integration courses.
- Losses incurred as a result of low initial productivity of foreign workers.
- Absences from work because of settlement or social integration issues.
- Other expenses such as all utility bills and expenses, fuel, insurance and the like.

* All items mentioned above can be financed regardless of whether they are purchased new or in used condition, with the exception of pillows, mattresses, blankets, bedsheets, towels and other similar items, which, for obvious reasons must be purchased new

NOTE: The International Recruitment and placement mediation service agreement describes with considerable precision and detail the terms and conditions of the payments to be made and received as part of our financial incentive plan.

* Only for Fixed-Term employment contracts equal to or greater than 12 months.

Documentation required:


International recruitment and placement mediation service agreement – dated signed and stamped by both parties


Worker requisition form dated, signed and stamped by employer – contains information regarding number of workers required from domestic and international labour markets, nationality or nationalities of the foreign work candidates, occupation, duration and nature of employment contract, number of regular work hours per day, work schedule, initial worksite location, base salary, overtime pay, subsidies, health and insurance coverage, benefits and other relevant information that may be required


Declarations that prove tax and social security payments are up to date or that a valid agreement with authorities is in place


Special Letter of Attorney, dated, signed and stamped, authorizing Global Workers Lda. to represent or act on behalf of the employer with regard to any and all issues directly or indirectly related to the job order that are required to properly fulfill the international recruitment and placement mediation service agreement


Special Power of Attorney dated, signed and stamped, authorizing a lawyer designated and paid for by Global Workers Lda. to represent or act on behalf of the employer with regard to any all issues directly or indirectly related to the job order that are required to properly fulfill the international recruitment and placement mediation service agreement*

*The Special Power of Attorney is not mandatory, however it is highly recommendable and comes at no cost to the employer. The path to bringing a worker from abroad is tricky, complex and full of obstacles. The lawyer´s role is to ensure that everything is processed as smoothly and quickly as possible with little or no hassle to the employer.